Household water softeners

What is a Water Softner? Water Softening is the removal of Calcium, Magnesium and certain other metals in hard water. Using a Water Softner will extend the lifetime of your plumbing. Water Softening is achieved using Iron exchange resin.



Big Blue Filtration Systems for various applications:

- Sediment removal

- Colouration

- PH control softener

- Metal removal

- Taste and Odour

- Houshold Water Filtration

- Borehole Filtration



Single Big Blue filtration systems       Double Big Blue fitration systems


Example of a whole house system installed:



Slim line Filtration Systems:



Slim line Filtration System - double                   Slim line Filtration System - tripple


FRP Vessels:

- Industrial aplications 

- High water volumes

- Various water treatment aplications

- Household Water Filtration

- Borehole Water Softening and Filtration





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