Industrial Water Filtration Systems

Mobile Containerized Filtration Systems:

Eskom Filtration Unit:



Media FRP Vessels                         Magnetic Control Systems                       High Volume Pump Systems



Manual / Auto control panels              System Built in to Container                     Post - Filtration


Commercial Water Filtration Softeners:


Various FRP vessels



Industrial Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration systems:


- We supply Industrial Reverse Osmosis Systems that range from 400 Gallons per day up to 18,000 Gallons per day



          800 Gallon                            1500 Gallon                      3000 Gallon



Customized Filtration Plant - Municipal



Mobile Filtation container                      Control valves



Media vessels                                      High volume pump systems


Complete Water Filtration plant, built on-site with pump station and clarifiers system



Ultra Filtration Units:





Brakish Water Unit: 5000LT per day:



Water Softening Unit with UV Treatment:



Newly Built Industrial Units







Please contact us for all relevant prices and quotations for the above products / services

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