Filter Sizes:

- 5"

- 10"

- 20"

- 30"

- 40"


Sediment Filters: removal of sands, Salt, dirt and dust particles



Sediment filter                                   Yarn Sediment



Slimline Yarn               Slimline sediment



Carbon Block Filters: function as a chemical adsorption of impurities and contaminants water. Carbon filters are widely used to remove chlorine, taste, odor and colour



Filter 1                    Filter 2                             Filter 3




  Filter 4                                    Filter 5



Activated Carbon Filters  Removes certain Chlorine, odor and improve taste.



Filter 1                                Combination filter




Mineral Filters



Filter 1                 Filter 2              



Taste and Odour Filters: To remove any unusual Taste in Drinking Water.



Filter 1



RO Domestic Membranes:    Membranes filter out all the contaminants and particles from water source once it has passed through pretreatment. Membrane filtration is a pressure-driven separation process.

.RO membranes are great solutions for many different applications. Membranes serve as highly-engineered, physical barriers that permit the passage of materials only up to a certain size, shape or character. RO Water Systems offers reverse osmosis membranes (RO membranes), Filmtec membranes or Dow Filmtec membranes, Koch membranes, and Hydranautics membranes in a variety of configurations, materials and sizes; each designed to meet specific application needs. Puritech also stocks their brand of spiral membranes.

- 50 - 300 GPD




Washable Pleated Filters







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